Friday, May 23, 2014

New Website!

Check out my new website faggots:

All my new updates will be on there!

299 purchased items!

Slaves i'm up to 299 items purchased on my wish list and I expect the 300th item to be awesome! like always we gotta achieve that item count full force, now which slave is going to step up and make that item count! lets make it hurt, lets make it feel good. Number 300 is worth it!! Get to it slaves, lets have some fun hahaha. Make it meaningful! lets try to get that macbook off of that unpurchased list for number 300, will always remember it. Come on slaves. Lets make this memorial day a good one!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014


I have been making a lot of money off of personally specialized videos. It's been fucking awesome. This one slave who is absolutely obsessed with my arm pits keeps on begging for more and more videos and I keep raising the price on him haha, I first started with 50 dollars, then 60 then 80 then 85. Yes, I have made 4 videos for this slave and he keeps wanting more and more. I normally don't charge this much for videos but since the slave wanted 20 mins recording and a very specific kind of video I charged more just because I should get paid more for specific videos. Gotta love it. For all you slaves out there believe me i'm the best to make you a video of domination to control your mind, to make you drool….just pay me and request a video and i'm pretty sure you'd be crawling back for more!
here are the last 3 transactions, Not much a big time difference between them all because he kept wanting more immediately, couldn't get enough hahahaha. Pathetic!!!

Monday, April 28, 2014

Awesome Fast Game

Last night a slave messaged me and asked if I was up for a game of wheel decide. Anybody who knows about wheel decide would immediately know that its a game that is TOO fucking easy to get what I want which is cash of course and everyone who knows me knows I love Cash Games haha. The temptation was too fucking strong and who in their right mind would deny an offer like that. I took advantage of the opportunity and kept spinning that wheel nonstop several times, right after the other hahaha It was fucking awesome. Every Spin a different number. The results are right in your bitch faces. Always remember i'm your master if you ever want to lose money at a game just keep gambling your money towards me, will definitely enjoy every minute of it, but just to let you know that this slave lost all these tributes in about 15 minutes hahaha. Good boy!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Gotta appreciate a Slave that is smart. I have had my Dayton Slave take a class for me during the winter semester and that bitch really came through with it! Way to go Slave. Keep up the good work and he is my official homework slave that I will continue to use and have take online classes for me whenever I can hahaha. Awesome work! He worked his ass off in that class for me, having a full time job and working on my class late at nights hahaha kept him up a couple of nights, but it was all for me!!! Exactly how it should be! Good Dayton Shit! Got me that Fucking A. Now I won't have to worry about Economics 2 hahaha.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Broke my sunglasses

Broke my sunglasses and I immediately messaged my Dayton faggot and told him that he owes me a pair of sunglasses as my Easter Tribute and I also told him to find me a pair I may like….so he gave me 5 different links of sunglasses to check out, but I liked the most expensive pair and added it to my wish list. Immediately the cunt bought them and 2 days later I have a new pair waiting at my doorstep! look good on me too. Good slave. You all Owe me an Easter Tribute! So make sure you contact me and ask me what I want. Keep it coming. You know I deserve it.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Worship me faggots

Obsess over me, learn to devote your life to me. Stare at my picture and dream about serving me in person one day…Good bitches