Sunday, April 6, 2014

Worship me faggots

Obsess over me, learn to devote your life to me. Stare at my picture and dream about serving me in person one day…Good bitches

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Green = money

Oh look what it is, You faggots better make this come true! Apparently my color is Green next week….Send that cash! I want to see that green stacked up because you fags should make this possible hahaha. Paypal me.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Been a good week!

This week has been a good week, Got some good cash tributes, had a good realtime session with my slave ownedbyduude and made him get my my roku for 99 dollars as a farewell gift lmao. I've been enjoying it slaves…keep up the good work! Keep that cash, amazon giftcards and amazon gifts coming. I drained my realtime slave huge!! Got his tax returns (earlier post), made him buy me an expensive gift, took a tribute while he's here and made him of course pay for all the food that we ate hahah all in the month of march! Drained that wallet of his. Making slaves pay up is my job and your job is to pay me haha.

 I also have been playing a cash game with one of my slaves and basically I take one sock off of my foot and if he guesses which sock is off he wins and won't have to tribute me, but damn did this faggot get a lot of wrong guesses hahaha The odds were fucking against his faggot ass. I would show him which foot was bare after he guessed to prove that there is no cheating involved and bam, paypal rings hahaha was fun as fuck! Gotta love those cash games. Good slave john.

I have an australian slave that I set goals for the month and he has to meet them. Too fucking easy. I just set goals of stuff that I want and I get them. Thats how it should be! What a good fucking bitch slave haha. No cam show, No interaction really. Just purely meeting goals and achieving them for my sake. Good boy!!

Now slaves, Stare at these socked feet and just dream about you sniffing them

Friday, March 14, 2014

281 items purchased!

All Amazon Tributes are taken into account and I just wanted to dedicate a post for all 281 items that were purchased within a year and a half hahaha. Keep those gifts coming to my doorstep slaves….Lets hit that 300 mark fast! I've updated my wish list with a few more things and will continue to update it…Keep shopping! The more you buy, the faster I update hahaha. I tend to keep my list limited on item count to help you slaves decide. I'm a good guy now get to shopping slaves.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Fags Tax Returns!

Last night I came on and my slave owned by duude and I have been talking about his tax returns for a while and about how as soon as he gets his tax returns that I should get them. Last night the slave did not know what he was up for yet, we both knew that sooner or later his tax returns will be sent to me but he didn't think it would be this soon hahahaha, but I had other plans for his cash! I simply messaged him and told him to get his ass on Skype because I felt like weakening the shit out of him and making him tremble. Turned on my cam, showed my bare soles to him and he knew I wanted something hahaha. Then all of a sudden I started to burp and damn did he get so fucking weak for me hahaha. Something about me burping that made him go nuts for me. Nasty faggots!

After a decent amount of time I told him today is the day slave! He finally knew what I wanted out of him and he said but sir, I have tuition to pay for and graduation shit to buy and I said…I don't give a shit. I am much more worth the cash that you got than your schooling and graduation lmao! teased him with my feet and pits and then he said please master take it hahahahah I turned him into a little sissy! I made him sign into his paypal, type in 500, my email is saved in that search function of course! and hit that send button…of course he pays the fucking fees aswell. We both agreed on 500 and I know it must have hurt him to send such a chunk, but he knows his place around me and his desperation to my satisfaction  haha. Good bitch!

To all you slaves who are getting Tax returns, I should take a good amount of them and your money should go to my superior bank account haha, I deserve it!

Good boy owned by duude! yet again you made my life even better because I deserve it. Way to go faggot! Use up that money all for my stink that you long for and crave hahaha. As always keep that cash coming Fags!!! 

Owned by duude is one of my most loyal slaves and such a submissive cunt that is so easy to weaken, to control, to abuse the shit out of and I fucking enjoy dominating the cunt. Torture him and gain from his sacrifices to me hahaha. Tax refunds paid. He knew I deserved the cash! Fuck yeah 500 dollars in my pocket.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Shopping day!

My dayton faggot took me on a  shopping day and bought me a shitload of stuff! hahah fucking enjoyed every minute of it. Kept draining the fag in every place we went in and then found a ton of shit that I liked at calvin klein…a wallet, shirt, jeans, belt…that shit was pricey as fuck, but I couldn't get enough! Fuck yeah was awesome! All slaves should follow and keep buying me shit and paying me for the privilege of going shopping with you faggots haha. Went to calvin klein, under armour and aldo for some sweet stuff!

Friday, February 14, 2014

some of the valentine gifts that I enjoyed

Some Slaves devoted their love to my feet for Valentines with purchases, cash tributes and even gift cards hahaha. Here are just a couple of things that I got for Valentines faggots that I liked! I got a lot more gift cards as well, but since this had the valentines theme…I am going to show it. Good bitches keep it coming…Valentines isn't over yet!